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The amount of support that I am getting from people is something I don’t think I can ever fully show my appreciation for. I always feel like I should be doing more, providing more, supporting more. I put so much pressure on myself to keep doing all the things, to give more, even though I don’t really know what those things are exactly.

I was having a chat with a girlfriend about this the other day, she had asked me what I was struggling with right now and I immediately answered with, I feel like I should be doing more. Since this is such a new path for me I never know how to gauge progress, how do I know if I am on the right track, if I am providing the value and friendship that I want my brand to represent.

I started really thinking about it after that conversation and you know what? I looked back at all the people that have shared, commented, and posted talking about how much I have helped, inspire, and push them when they need it most. I guess I never really stopped to see that this is my gauge of progress, this is why I am doing everything, it is proof that I am on the right path. All of those people are who I consider my friends are telling me with every message that this is the right move. None of this is about me, it’s all about them! All I have to do is stop and listen!


It is my goal to always be that Girlfriend that you can rely on, that is going to give you honest help, and has your best interest just because I want you to succeed. That will always be my main focus as I build my brand and community. To all of you that have supported and reached out thank you from the bottom of my heart because I could not do any of it without you!

I am always here for anything you need, all you have to do is reach out! I love chatting and messaging with each and everyone of you so never hesitate to message me!

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Beauty Tips-Drug Store Eyebrows

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We all love good Brows right? I have always had thicker eyebrows and never considered coloring them in, that is until I met Brittany. She would color in my brows every time she would do my makeup that after a couple times I was sold. As I get older they are starting to thin out in the corners. That is where the main focus is for me. By filling them in I get a more defined shape and it completes my overall look.

Brittany shares her 3 favorite Brow products and why in this weeks Post! I will link all products she mentions in the video for easy shopping! Hope you enjoy these fabulous tips!


Maybelline Brow Drama- Hairspray for Eyebrows

Maybelline Brow Pencil Duo- Brow defining to create strokes, gives a micro-blade look

Maybelline Tattoo studio Brow Pomade- It comes with an angle brush and spoolie to comb it out.

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*This post contains affiliate links, which means that, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you follow the link and make a purchase. All statements and opinions are 100% my own.

3 Video Editing Tips For Beginners

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I love being on video. It is so fun to watch and to film. A little back story as to why I think I am so comfortable around cameras and video is my previous job. I worked for my friends spray tanning company, I was the director of education so my main roll was to teach others how to spray tan with our equipment and products, and a lot of that was through video trainings. I even did a spray tan yourself video, I was in a bikini actually spray tanning myself in the middle of a studio just to show people how easy it is to spray tan yourself at home. Which I still do often! I love me a good spray tan.

We also had to work with influencers and you tubers regularly, they would film tutorial videos and how to videos, I would watch and learn what I could. I mean these were heavy hitters in the influencer space. I picked up a few tips throughout my tanning days that I use in my current videos. I thought I would share some of those tips with you in case you are starting to record some of your own!


Tip 1- Be confident in yourself, I know it’s awkward and you feel like people are staring or judging you, but what helps me is to be as confident as possible because chances are the people that are in that room with you are just as terrified of being on camera as you are so you have a slight upper hand when you own that shit and nail every shot with ease. I would rather be nervous on the inside and confident on the outside, and deliver an awesome performance.

Tip 2- You really do not need fancy equipment. A tripod is the one thing you do need just because you want your video to be as stable as possible, I have a strong one that adjusts to multiple heights which is awesome. An iPhone works great with some really good lighting. Natural light is ideal but having multiple lighting options is always preferred, even a light reflector is a huge benefit, you can use it to bounce light around and create dimension. I use 2 box lights when I don’t have a natural lighting option and they work just fine!

Tip 3- Use music! I am such a fan of music in a video. It creates the type of vibe and feel you want so much better than not having it. I use envato elements, it is a monthly or yearly subscription website where you can use non copywrited music, stock photos, and graphics. It’s a little pricey at $16.50 a month but I have used it a ton so I believe it is worth it! What I like most about that site is you can type in the type of mood you want to create and it will give you that type of music, so awesome right?

Tip 4- When it is a big deal, I would hire a professional. It makes a huge difference when you have someone shooting with professional equipment, plus they have a creative eye that helps when you are recording something bigger than just a personal video. I made the choice to hire someone for a video I did that was for a big project. I knew it had to be well done and high quality to get the point across. It also helps to work with a professional that has your personality type, they make it so much easier to film because you are way more comfortable and they can guide you or offer input.

Now I think you are ready to start filming! If you feel like you need more advice or someone to bounce ideas off of you know where to find me! I am always here to help in anyway I can!

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How to find Out if You Have Fake Followers On IG

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Y’all know I love me some Jasmine Star, she is the holy grail when it comes to social media. I love her delivery and just overall outlook on social media and how it works. If you aren’t following her I highly recommend doing so.

One video she did on IGTV was all about deleting bot followers on IG. Wait, what are bot followers and why do they matter? I know, I asked the same question.


Here is what you need to know! Bot followers are fake accounts that follow you to get sales for companies, or to legitimize their own profile. They are not valuable to you in any way other than vanity metrics, they just make your follower number go up but does nothing for your engagement. And we are all about engagement on Instagram. I made sure to test this out because I wanted to see how many I had. I ended up cleaning out 58 bot followers from my account. I am not going to lie it was a little rough to see my follower count drop so low in an instant, especially when you work so hard to gain followers.

So how the heck do you know who is a bot follower? Surprisingly it is so easy to find them. Look for no profile picture, they are usually following a ton of people but have very few followers, maybe 3-6 posts and its usually a random person or a scenic picture, in their name it has letters and numbers, not a normal name.

To remove them you can either block them or if you go to your followers, next to each ones name will be three dots, you click that and then it will give you the option to remove them. By removing them it doesn’t give that person a notification that you removed them, so now I do it with random creepy dudes that start following me. I have zero interest in creepy dudes following my account, so I remove them as soon as I see them.

I am so happy that I did it and am now aware of how to stay on top of it, it’s not the end of the world if you have them, I would just rather have a strong community of women who like my content and engage and having bot followers prevents them from seeing my content, and that is a no brainer for me to get rid of them! I would love to hear if you did this and how it has worked for you! Leave a comment with any questions or your results!

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Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Protein Dessert

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These little beauties are a staple in my fridge every week! They are out of The Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen Cookbook By Emily Frisella! Highly recommend this cookbook, it is the only reason I know how to cook and enjoy it! For more recipes like this and healthy tips head over to her website!

I have a crazy sweet tooth so this is definitely something that helps kick the craving! They have such simple ingredients and are super easy to make! I usually make a batch at the beginning of each week so that I can have them to help keep me on track!

Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Protein Balls

1 Cup natural chunky peanut butter

1/2 teaspoon sea salt

1 tbsp water

3/4 cup vanilla ice cream protein powder

1/4 cup honey

1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips


Mix together peanut butter, sea salt, water, protein powder, and honey until well combined

Line a cookie sheet with wax paper. Roll the mixture into 24 balls

Chill protein balls in the freezer for 30-40 min.

melt chocolate chips in a microwaveable bowl. Melt in 20-30 second intervals, stirring after each until smooth.

Using a fork, drop a ball into chocolate and roll until well coated.

Chill in the refrigerator for another 30-40 minutes until chocolate is set.

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Working with an Online Fitness Coach!

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Have you ever thought to yourself, how do online fitness coaches work with people they have never met? I always wondered how the heck they do it without ever meeting the person in real life. How can they see what to help with, how do they know where to start?


I met a fitness coach through instagram, which I know is very weird to say, although I knew she was a coach I created a friendship first. I got to know her over time, had conversations not just about fitness and nutrition, but life and everything in between, we always clicked. I think that is huge when it comes to working with someone online. Your personalities have to click way before you trust them with your fitness and nutrition. I would see her posts about food, macros and mindset on living a healthy lifestyle and it was very similar to mine. Which is another way to see if someone is right for you, if you don’t agree with the content or vibe they are putting out but have a nice body, probably isn’t going to be a good fit. After all, living a healthy lifestyle goes way beyond having a six pack.

I reached out to her because I was struggling with staying on track. I have a great accountability group on facebook that has the best group of women in it! But I am real, and sometimes life just gets busy and I could feel myself slacking more and more. I figured if I was working one on one with someone and had some skin in the game it would push me to work harder. I started working with her that week and let me tell you the questionnaire she sent over was very detailed. I now know how online fitness coaches can work with someone they have never met.

She first figures out the foods you like to eat whether they are more fat or carb foods, what type of food logging you will be comfortable using, weight, height and measurements, and she has you send over pictures. All of those tasks are all included in the very fist questionnaire. She goes into extreme detail to get the best idea of who she is working with. Every week she sends over an email with a new checklist that has your daily macros, foods you ate, weight, measurements and a feelings section where you can let her know how you are mentally and physically feeling every week.

I personally think this is an awesome piece of her service because it creates an open relationship between us where I feel comfortable telling her what i’m going through. There was one week in particular where I was just struggling, had zero appetite, was highly stressed and felt like I was failing. Not only did she call me immediately, but she talked me through the fact that some weeks aren’t going to be perfect and that she goes through them too, having that personal connection with her made me feel 1000 times better, like she is in with me versus me just being a client. I have been working with her for a month now and I highly recommend working with someone you trust and genuinely click with online, I have complete trust in her to help me with my nutrition and fitness goals and would recommend her to all of you! Her name is Sarah and you can find her info and website HERE! even if you aren’t ready to commit to working with someone she provides great content on Instagram and always helps everyone in my Facebook group, I am lucky to have found her!

I am curious to know if any of you have worked with a coach or if you are curious to how it all works, leave a comment with your thoughts!

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Taking Progress Pictures

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Anyone else cringe when you hear those words? I know I do! The awkwardness of just standing there like a weirdo in all your glory is by far the hardest thing ever. I personally always do it in the morning with zero makeup on and hair is a hot mess, so it makes it extra ugly. Plus it is way better to wear as little clothing as possible so you can get a better gauge on progress. Have I painted a pretty enough picture for you…..ha ha.

With that being said, I know how awkward it can be, but from experience they are the best thing you can do to stay on track. We all know when we are in a “ dieting” period it is easy to get discouraged when you don’t see instant progress. Weighing yourself on the scale is never a good gauge of progress because one day you are down and the next you are up. That is why taking pictures are so beneficial, even though the scale isn’t showing much movement the pictures will show a different side of progress. Your waist could be smaller, back bigger, legs have more muscle or definition, the list goes on. That little change you see in one picture could be the one thing that pushes you to keep going.

I would recommend taking pictures once a week in the same exact clothing in each picture. Stand in the same position in the same place you take every picture. By doing this you see way more changes then if you were to be in different lighting, clothes, or position. Also take them at the same time each day, for me that is first thing in the morning before I have anything to eat or drink.

Remember they will pay off in the future. If anything it pushes you to be more accountable because you want to see changes, you got this sister! If you need help I wrote a couple Blog posts regarding these topics, accountability or tips for working out.

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Listening to Feedback is a Good Thing!

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You know that feeling after you get a facial, hair done, or a fresh pedicure? That deep breathe you take after because you are totally relaxed and feel so refreshed? That is exactly how I feel after a weekend full of rebuilding my website. I launched back in April 2019 with literally no clue what I was doing. I found a template that was simple to use on the back end and had a visual aesthetic that appealed to me. I was new to the blogging world heck even website world. So when I launched it I was so proud, it was the first step to creating my brand. I didn’t understand what to look for in a website as far as being user friendly, easy to navigate, and how it looks on all devices. I just wanted it to be pretty.


Now that it has been almost 5 months I accumulated a lot of feedback throughout that time. At first I didn’t consider it, you can say I was defensive, it was my baby, my first project that I have ever created and put into the world. So when I would get feedback I wouldn’t take it seriously because I thought it was perfect. Talk about insecure…. I was getting the same advice from people on what I should change to make it easier but I was still hesitant, even though all the feedback was coming from people who have websites and businesses. The feedback I was getting was for GirlCode as well, which GirlCode is like my second baby so I was trying to make it easy to use and amazing but instead I over complicated it.

I finally took a step back and really thought about the things people were telling me. Nothing was going to work if the people don’t find it easy to use or fun to use. I had to stop being protective and insecure and really look at my stuff from a different point of view. I started seeing the problems they were having, the hiccups, the places where they were confused. I listened and I learned. I took every bit of feedback that I got and worked with it, changed it and organized it. Now it is amazing, it is easy, fun and simple to use, which is what I wanted all along. I am so thankful for those people taking the initiative to tell me that feedback.

I am better because of it and so is my website. I am sharing it because I know this is something that will come up for you when you are starting your journey, or if you already are, people are going to give you feedback, it is your choice whether you want to use it to make things better or take it as harsh criticism. Just be sure to recognize when someone is genuinely trying to help versus being discouraging. I have been on both sides. If you need any feedback or just need someone to talk ideas with reach out or feel free to post in GirlCode!

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Tips to Add Veggies to Your Diet

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I have always struggled with eating veggies. I like carrots…. with ranch. That is the extent of what my veggie intake looks like. You know how you know you should be eating certain things but don’t? Yup me too. I can tell a difference in my energy when I am lacking something in my diet. I always track my macros religiously and it was no surprise I lacked in fiber. I always pay attention to my protein, carbs, and fats, and never worried about one of the most important parts, micronutrients They play a huge role in your bodies operating, vitamins and minerals aka micronutrients are essential to living a healthy lifestyle.


Because I suck at eating veggies knowing how beneficial they are, I make sure to take my Opti Greens every night that is a game changer for my bloating, and digestion, it has 11 servings of veggies, I highly recommend taking it.

Since I started working with a nutrition coach, she recommended starting slow and adding in more veggies to my diet. I started adding spinach to my daily protein shake. I always drink a protein shake for lunch just because it tastes great and is convenient. I wrote a blog post about when to use a protein shake if you want to check it out. Plus I knew there was no way I was going to be able to eat that much spinach if it wasn’t blended into a shake.

To my surprise it was actually unrecognizable when I tried it. I added 1 scoop of my Level 1 Ice cream Sandwich protein powder because it is the sweetest flavor and great for mixing into smoothies. I also added in some chia seeds to get my fats up, they add a little bit of texture but nothing to crazy. Mix that up in a blender with some almond milk and bam, a spinach filled smoothie where you can’t even taste it, winning in my eyes!

Smoothie Recipe I did-

8oz of unsweetened original almond milk

1 handful of ice cubes

2 tbsp of chia seeds

1 scoop level 1 Ice cream Sandwich protein powder

2 handfuls of fresh spinach


Cals- 315

Protein- 34.5g


Carbs- 26g

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Beauty Tips- Drug Store Bronzer

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I am such a bronzer lover! Mostly because I am a huge fake tanner. There is just something about a fresh tan and a good bronzer that makes you feel amazing. I mean come on, who doesn’t want a little color to their face year round? I know I do. This week Brittany is sharing her favorite bronzer that she personally has been using for 5 years! If anyone can recommend a product that they have used fro that long, sign me up. As usual I linked all products mentioned in the video for easy shopping! If you are on the hunt for more beauty products check out the rest of the Drug Store Beauty Tips posts!


Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

Physicians Formula Hilighters

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3 Tips to Start your Blog

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What is the first step to starting a website or blog? That is probably going to be different depending on each person. I am going to speak as though I am talking to myself, zero clue where to start, and unfamiliar with technology.

First thing I would recommend is figuring out what exactly you want to do, now this isn’t your end all be all because you will evolve and grow with each month. I started with wanting to start a blog, this then led to video, interviews and helping others. You have to start somewhere first, so choose that one thing that you want to tackle first and that’s where you will start. You don’t have to be a pro or know exactly where you will end up, I honestly think we all evolve and our brand reveals itself once you start taking those steps.


Second thing is to figure out your name, what best describes the feel, vibe of your content or brand? Once you choose the name you can start searching the domains to see if it is available, a Domain name is used to identify your IP address. I knew I wanted to be a fun girly vibe, like you were talking to your girlfriend in sweat pants on the couch. Once I knew the vibe the name came shortly after, and yours will too! I was so nervous when I started searching for my domain, luckily no one had it yet!

Third is to figure out who you are talking to, again this will change and evolve over time but you have to start with one person in mind. I started with my personal avatar and now she has evolved into a different version of herself, yours will too. The content you are going to be writing is for that specific person, there will be more people that benefit from your content but by narrowing it down you don’t feel so overwhelmed with what to write or say.

Deciding to start is the hardest part, since you landed here and are reading this specific blog post I am willing to guess you already took that huge step, and for that congratulations! Do not feel like you have to know everything today, trust me you won’t. I am learning more and more everyday just like you are going to. I hope to share more of my journey to eliminate some of the alone feelings you might be going through. It helps to have someone to talk to or to cheer you on during this time. I am always happy to help and be that resource for you, feel free to reach out if you need your girlfriend Renee to chat with. If you have a Blog or anything you want to share, I created Girlcode, a forum page that is free to use, you can post links to blog posts, outfits, recipes, tips and tricks and instagram posts. It is a place where we can have safe place to share and grow our content and community! You can read more on this topic on this Blog Post!

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Finally Reading Books, and Enjoying It

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The last time I can remember reading a book was back in my freshman year of high school, and that was because they made me. I never considered myself a reader, never showed any interest in it. Boy have times changed!

Now I wish I would have started reading sooner. I can’t imagine how much time and stress it would have saved me. Now that I have grown so much mentally , it is almost like an addiction to bettering myself. I currently am only reading self development books, I would like to start getting into biography type books in the near future.

So how did I get from not reading at all, to reading ten pages every day? Well it wasn’t a habit I created over night that’s for sure. I would try to read before bed, some days it would be easy, and some days mom life would take over and I would end up skipping it. Never stayed consistent but always made the effort. I started the 75 hard challenge, and one of the tasks is to read 10 pages a day. I started with the same habit of reading at night for the first couple of days and it became a chore. I was so tired that I would end up reading the same page multiple times just to comprehend it. I noticed that this wasn’t going to benefit me in any way. After a week of not enjoying it, I decided to switch reading to the morning after I drop my son off at school. This was a game changer! I grab my cup of coffee, sit at the window watching my birds bathe in the fountain and read. It is now my favorite part of the day, I am finding myself enjoying the book on a deeper level.

In on of the books I was reading it said, to make reading a habit place the book in the same spot you always like to read in, for me it was my couch in the living room by the window, I always leave my book in that spot. By doing that ,whenever I walk by that spot it triggers my mind to say “oh I have to read today, I forgot” until it becomes a daily habit. It really helped me having the book out in that spot, versus putting the book away where I couldn’t see it.

Reading is one of the best things you can do to better yourself, it does not cost a lot of money and there are so many ways to do it. If you drive a lot I would recommend audible, it has all books read for you so you can enjoy it on those long car rides. I always reach out to people and ask what they are currently reading, or if I see them post about a book on social media I will ask how they like it. I attached the books I have read and enjoyed below! If you have any that you recommend comment the titles below or email me, I would love to have more recommendations! If reading isn’t your thing, I would recommend listening to podcasts, this blog post goes into why and which ones are my favorite to listen to!

Atomic Habits

Max Out your life

Unleash your Lady Boss

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GirlCode! A Forum for Women

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Do you ever just want to know an honest review on a product? Maybe you moved to another city and want to know where the good stores are for shopping. Have you tried grocery delivery? Wouldn’t it be nice to get some honest reviews before you signed up? Need a healthy recipe for dinner but not sure where to find one?

I am just like you, I have all of these types of questions on a daily basis. Pinterest and Instagram are great for these things, but don’t you just feel like you would rather hear it from a girlfriend you trust? I know I do, I personally love the idea of having a place to go with real people like me that are going to give honest opinions about things.

Even just to remain a little anonymous and chat about things we hate or need help with. Not to brag but the community of women I hang with are the coolest people around. That’s why I trust what they are posting in GirlCode.

For example, I found this coupon code for an online boutique that I love, the prices are always just at that mark where they are expensive, so I went on the hunt for some coupon codes. I ended up finding one for 25% off and learned the dates that they send free shipping emails. Now wouldn’t that be a great tip for women shopping? Totally right? But there wasn’t a place to share it, not anymore. GirlCode is now full of topics like that, they are meant to make your life easier and fun and hopefully save you some cash along the way!

So how do you post? Or how do you read the topics? Easy! You can find the GirlCode section in the menu bar on the blog. Clicking that will take you straight to the forum where you can see all topics and click on the ones you are interested in. You can leave a comment, like a topic or just read it, no rules just whatever you feel like doing! To create a new topic just click New Topic and start posting. You will have to enter an email address to post and comment but you will not receive any spam emails or anything like that don’t worry, I made sure.

So what are you waiting for? Get to posting sister! I’ll see you inside of GirlCode!

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Beauty Tips- Drug Store Mascara

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This is definitely one product that I struggle with. I will get one that is so clumpy or thick that I look awful. Or even worse the ones that stain the bottom of your lash line, so annoying. Brittany can totally agree with me on this one and this is why she shares her tip to create the perfect mascara! She is obsessed with lashes and I can guarantee if she is recommending it, you are going to love it! I linked all products below for easy shopping! If you are on the hunt for a new eyeliner check this Blog Post out for her recommendation!


Loreal Telescopic Mascara- She uses this first for length

Loreal Lash Paradise Mascara- Thicker and more volume, uses this one second.

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Drug Store Bloopers

Fashion and BeautyRenee DickComment

If you can’t laugh at yourself, you are missing out. I never take myself too seriously, I spent a long time worried about what other people think. Until one day I realized it didn’t matter, plus people are too busy worrying about themselves they don’t have time to worry about you. And if they do have time to worry about you, you don’t want those people in your life anyways because they have zero going on! So do you and don’t apologize for any of it!

Enjoy my favorite part about recording video! The bloopers! For the full makeup videos check out the blog posts Here for EYELINER and here for MASCARA!

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What I learned about taking Pictures!

Self ImprovementRenee DickComment

We all love a good picture right? When you have an important event or milestone you always make sure to get a professional photographer booked. The color, the lighting, it just overall looks better than when a professional takes them. This was my dilemma when I was starting my blog. I knew pictures were going to be a huge factor in the look I wanted to create. I am such a visual person so I instantly chose a template that had a lot of images versus text.

After a couple hours of googling and watching youtube. I looked at light boxes, tripods, ring lights, you name it. With the cost adding up, my cheap ass decided to take what I learned from youtube and give it a shot! I stood in front of my window and started taking pictures with my iPhone.

The biggest tips I found were to

  1. Stand in natural light, find a window that has great sunlight coming through, or you can stand with your front door open, I am lucky and have a huge window in my dining room that has the brightest lighting, that is why you always see me in front of it when I am doing videos on my stories.

  2. Use more than one version of light, natural and artificial. Example being standing in front of your window or door and add in your ring light or box light for added dimension. I have a small ring light for close up video and a box light to brighten the room up a bit. Both are under $40 on amazon.

  3. Change your Iphone settings to shoot in 4k. This helps when shooting video, and what I make sure to use when I am shooting my Youtube videos.

  4. Don’t use the front facing camera, it doesn’t have as great of quality as the back, even thought it’s easier to use because you can stare at yourself.


To be honest if you have good natural lighting you are perfectly able to get started and at-least have something to get going. Sure it wasn’t perfect, but I am glad I started and grew from there. If that is what you have to start then it is more than enough. All that matters is that you start, don’t let being perfect hold you back, you will eventually get there.

Luckily for me I have an awesome friend that is great with a fancy camera. She doesn’t take pictures professionally but she offered to help me. We scheduled a day to shoot some content and learned as we went along. The first couple of shots were inside where the lighting was not that great, the pictures were a little dark, my husband legit grabbed a shop light from the garage and held it so we can take pictures. Since that set up wasn’t ideal it led to me buying a box light off of amazon to help, it was less than $40 so it was an easy purchase that helped a ton.

We started realizing the brighter the room the easier it was to take good pictures, if you can I would recommend taking them outdoors to get the best lighting. Plus it takes some of the pressure off of trying to look natural. Now we schedule a day once a month and take a ton of pictures, I plan out my ideas ahead of time so that when she comes I am ready to shoot.

I am so thankful for my friend that takes a full day to help me out, don’t worry, I feed her! If you put the word out there that you need help, people will show up for you. If you don’t have anyone just start taking them on your own. If you ever need help or some more tips I am happy to help you in anyway I can! You can check out my other blog post that talks about how to more comfortable in front of the camera Here!

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Beauty Tips- Drug Store Eyeliner

Fashion and BeautyRenee DickComment

Oh eyeliner, the holy grail of makeup… well after foundation of course. Eyeliner is a huge must when making our eyes pop, and look like we actually are rested. But where the heck do you start? With there being somany options to choose from it was so awesome to have Brittany, a professional makeup artist come and share her favorite products and how to use them in this weeks post! I linked everything mentioned in the video for easy shopping!


Lorea’l Infallible Mechanical Pencil Eyeliner

Loreal Infallible Felt tip pen Liquid Eyeliner

Loreal Infallible Lacquer Gel eyeliner

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4 Tips to Add in Workouts to Your Busy Schedule

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I don’t have time is probably the most popular excuse in the book. I am guilty of using that excuse more than once. I get it, you have 1 million things to do so devoting uninterrupted time to a workout is hard. That is why I thought I would share these tips for adding exercises to the things you are already doing.

  1. School pick up, how many of you get to the school early to avoid being all the way in the back of the pick up line? I am doing a challenge where I have to get in a 45 minute workout outdoors, with a 5 year old some days that is near impossible. So I got smart, I make it a point to get to the school 45 minutes early and walk around until it’s time for him to get out. That is time I would’ve spent sitting in my car on social media. Another way you can do this is to walk to school, if you have multiple kids chances are you have a stroller or even a double stroller aka the heaviest thing on the damn planet, use it to your advantage! That is a free workout in itself, by walking to school or walking some where pushing that you are getting in a pretty intense workout!

  2. Using a booty band while doing housework, trust me I thought it was bat shit crazy to walk around my house with a booty band on. Until one day I had 15 minutes left of my workout and had so much to do. I put on my medium sized booty band and walked around the house cleaning, up and down the stairs with a laundry basket and did abductors while doing the dishes. I know it sounds like it wouldn’t do much but man I was hurting! I wrote a blog post with a bunch of exercise ideas to do around the house Here!

  3. Going to the park with your hyper ass kids! We all do it! the kids are on a good one so we take them to the park to run out some of their energy. But what do we do when we get to the park? sit there on our phones or relax and enjoy the peace and quiet for once hah! Now, I walk laps at the park, I don’t go far that way I have eyes on my kid at all times, I walk the corners of the playground back and forth until It’s time to leave, not only does my kid get to burn out some energy but I do as well.

  4. Taking the stairs and parking far from your office building. This sounds almost like a no brainer but you’d be surprised how many times we don’t do it just because we are in a rush. I notice sometimes I will park in the first spot I can find just to get in. But taking the time to park far away forces you to take the extra steps in your day. Taking the stairs is also a more time consuming thing but it is so easy to start incorporating and literally costs you nothing.

    Now that you have these 4 ideas to start adding into your normal day, you will see yourself finding more ways you can add in more activities. It was weird at first but once you notice how much more productive you feel afterward it becomes addicting! If you have any tips that you currently do, share them in the comments so we can all benefit from them!

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*This post contains affiliate links, which means that, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you follow the link and make a purchase. All statements and opinions are 100% my own.

When to Drink a Protein Shake!

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First off let’s just clarify that protein is not just for people looking to put on muscle. Protein is essential for every single person, It’s main role is to repair and grow muscle. It also uses more energy to break down in turn helping you feel fuller longer. Now that you know what it actually does, I wanted to share why I personally use it.

I have been on my fitness journey for 4 years now, being the picky eater that I am, I don’t eat a wide variety of foods. This means a ton of chicken, ground beef and more chicken and ground beef. Not to appetizing when you eat it every day. I started getting burned out eating the same food every day. I am talking lunch was some sort of chicken and dinner would be some sort of ground beef or turkey, weeks and months at a time.


I started using 1st Phorm’s Greens powder to help supplement my lack of veggies, after getting great results with the greens powder I decided to look into other products that could help me. Insert Level 1, it is a meal replacement protein powder. It is made to mimic the digestion rate of a whole food. This blew my mind, I was only taking protein powder post workout for years because that’s what I always thought it was for.

I shortly figured out that cinnamon cookie batter sounded way better than freaking chicken or ground beef again! I ordered that shit real quick and I never went back. Level 1 and oats has been my go to lunch meal for over a year now. It tastes great, mixes with water and is super quick to drink.

Other ways it comes in handy is for busy mornings, I usually make eggs but when I am short on time or just not in the mood for those either I mix up a Level 1 shake and a piece of toast. I also make a smoothie every morning for my husband, I use ice cream sandwhich flavor and mix it with a Costco smoothie pack.

Protein can be used as a meal replacement, you do not have to be working out, it is made to help fill in the gaps where you are struggling and that is how I recommend it. If you have any more questions about Level 1 I would be happy to help!

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*This post contains affiliate links, which means that, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you follow the link and make a purchase. All statements and opinions are 100% my own.