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3 Tips to Start your Blog

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What is the first step to starting a website or blog? That is probably going to be different depending on each person. I am going to speak as though I am talking to myself, zero clue where to start, and unfamiliar with technology.

First thing I would recommend is figuring out what exactly you want to do, now this isn’t your end all be all because you will evolve and grow with each month. I started with wanting to start a blog, this then led to video, interviews and helping others. You have to start somewhere first, so choose that one thing that you want to tackle first and that’s where you will start. You don’t have to be a pro or know exactly where you will end up, I honestly think we all evolve and our brand reveals itself once you start taking those steps.


Second thing is to figure out your name, what best describes the feel, vibe of your content or brand? Once you choose the name you can start searching the domains to see if it is available, a Domain name is used to identify your IP address. I knew I wanted to be a fun girly vibe, like you were talking to your girlfriend in sweat pants on the couch. Once I knew the vibe the name came shortly after, and yours will too! I was so nervous when I started searching for my domain, luckily no one had it yet!

Third is to figure out who you are talking to, again this will change and evolve over time but you have to start with one person in mind. I started with my personal avatar and now she has evolved into a different version of herself, yours will too. The content you are going to be writing is for that specific person, there will be more people that benefit from your content but by narrowing it down you don’t feel so overwhelmed with what to write or say.

Deciding to start is the hardest part, since you landed here and are reading this specific blog post I am willing to guess you already took that huge step, and for that congratulations! Do not feel like you have to know everything today, trust me you won’t. I am learning more and more everyday just like you are going to. I hope to share more of my journey to eliminate some of the alone feelings you might be going through. It helps to have someone to talk to or to cheer you on during this time. I am always happy to help and be that resource for you, feel free to reach out if you need your girlfriend Renee to chat with. If you have a Blog or anything you want to share, I created Girlcode, a forum page that is free to use, you can post links to blog posts, outfits, recipes, tips and tricks and instagram posts. It is a place where we can have safe place to share and grow our content and community! You can read more on this topic on this Blog Post!

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