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4 Tips to Add in Workouts to Your Busy Schedule

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I don’t have time is probably the most popular excuse in the book. I am guilty of using that excuse more than once. I get it, you have 1 million things to do so devoting uninterrupted time to a workout is hard. That is why I thought I would share these tips for adding exercises to the things you are already doing.

  1. School pick up, how many of you get to the school early to avoid being all the way in the back of the pick up line? I am doing a challenge where I have to get in a 45 minute workout outdoors, with a 5 year old some days that is near impossible. So I got smart, I make it a point to get to the school 45 minutes early and walk around until it’s time for him to get out. That is time I would’ve spent sitting in my car on social media. Another way you can do this is to walk to school, if you have multiple kids chances are you have a stroller or even a double stroller aka the heaviest thing on the damn planet, use it to your advantage! That is a free workout in itself, by walking to school or walking some where pushing that you are getting in a pretty intense workout!

  2. Using a booty band while doing housework, trust me I thought it was bat shit crazy to walk around my house with a booty band on. Until one day I had 15 minutes left of my workout and had so much to do. I put on my medium sized booty band and walked around the house cleaning, up and down the stairs with a laundry basket and did abductors while doing the dishes. I know it sounds like it wouldn’t do much but man I was hurting! I wrote a blog post with a bunch of exercise ideas to do around the house Here!

  3. Going to the park with your hyper ass kids! We all do it! the kids are on a good one so we take them to the park to run out some of their energy. But what do we do when we get to the park? sit there on our phones or relax and enjoy the peace and quiet for once hah! Now, I walk laps at the park, I don’t go far that way I have eyes on my kid at all times, I walk the corners of the playground back and forth until It’s time to leave, not only does my kid get to burn out some energy but I do as well.

  4. Taking the stairs and parking far from your office building. This sounds almost like a no brainer but you’d be surprised how many times we don’t do it just because we are in a rush. I notice sometimes I will park in the first spot I can find just to get in. But taking the time to park far away forces you to take the extra steps in your day. Taking the stairs is also a more time consuming thing but it is so easy to start incorporating and literally costs you nothing.

    Now that you have these 4 ideas to start adding into your normal day, you will see yourself finding more ways you can add in more activities. It was weird at first but once you notice how much more productive you feel afterward it becomes addicting! If you have any tips that you currently do, share them in the comments so we can all benefit from them!

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