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Family Pizza Night!

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Every Friday we go to our favorite pizza place. A little back story on my husband and I, he works long days during the week so we don’t really get to see each other much, and if we do it’s late at night before bed. Every Friday he works a half day so it became a tradition that every Friday we go out to have a beer and eat, we chat, catch up from the week and just enjoy being together as a family. Since this is our favorite day of the week we are super picky about where we choose to hang out. We like to find a place where they have cold beer and a cool environment. At our old house it was Buffalo Wild Wings, they had an awesome patio and the best service. We would go so often that our waiter became one of our best friends. It’s true when they say you want to go to a place where everyone knows your name, that was the case at that restaurant.


When we moved we were so bummed because we had to find a new place, we ended up finding our pizza place by accident, the GPS took us to the wrong one and it ended up being our new Friday place! Now everyone knows our name, our beers are ready when we walk in and we spend every Friday there. They have an outside area for kids to play and the inside is a chill brewery environment. It is perfect and now our happy place.

The reason pizza Friday is so important to us is because that is where we chat about our goals, what we want, how we are going to get there, and stuff we can improve on. With both of us working on our own projects it is nice to hear what each other is going through and how we can help. I swear that is where all of our best ideas come from. Right now we are focused so much on work and how to improve that I think we would go crazy if we didn’t have these once a week breaks. I am not going to lie it is hard seeing other people going on trips, having vacations, while we are choosing to stay working and plan for the future. But since we have pizza Friday it helps us keep focused on our vision and keeps us working hard to achieve it! If you have your own version of pizza Friday drop it in the comments! I would love to hear it!

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Kid's Activities! Why don't you get a Free Test Run?

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How many of you are always on the hunt for new activities for your kids? How many times have you looked at the price and changed your mind? I have! I am always hesitant to enroll him because 1 it’s expensive and 2 what if he doesn’t like it?


Here is a perfect example of why I think we should get a test run before purchasing! My son asked me to put him in karate. No problem, consider it done. I paid the $65 fee and took him to the first class. It was through the city because it was cheaper and I wanted to make sure he actually liked it before I went all in at an actual place. The instructor comes out and says “ We are going to go into the room, all parents can take a seat in the hall and we will let you come in for the last 5 minutes.” Excuse me, you are going to take my 5 year old in a room without me? Ohhh hell nah. My son lost his shit. He was terrified that he couldn’t see me and cried the entire time. We ended up leaving after 10 minutes. Next week comes and he does not want to go. I made him go to give it one more shot and if he didn’t like it we would leave. Again they took him into the room and he lost it. We left and I was out $65. That was probably the worst experience so far, and I am guessing you all have had similar experiences. Why can’t you just do a one class tester to see if it is something they actually like versus something they randomly thought of trying.

Now we are happily enrolled in gymnastics, they actually give you a test class to see if they like it which is genius! I signed him up just because they offered that. He loves it! It is so perfect for kids his age, they have him jumping, flipping and burning out that energy! It was awesome you get to actually see how the kids like it before you give them all your money! I am so excited they did that because it isn’t cheap and now he has something he enjoys while I get an hour break! #winning

How many times have you started something with your kid and you never went back? What activities or sports are your kids favorite?

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Why we love having an only child

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As a mom, I get this question a lot. Sometimes I get a side eye and that is perfectly fine. Don’t get me wrong I love my son, but I’m just not about that multiple kid life. I get so overwhelmed with one, I can’t imagine having anymore. When do you get a break? I mean does that even happen when you have all those kids running around? I feel like our little unit is so perfectly balanced, I can’t see it any other way.


I guess I’ve never really been a “kid” person. I think babysitting my siblings all the time pretty much cured that early on. You know how there is those women that as soon as they see a baby, they instantly run over and must hold it? Yea, now picture the exact opposite of that, I run away with the hope my organs don’t catch the scent that leads to baby fever.

The thought of having another one crosses my mind every once in a while. People always tell me that if I have another one it will entertain him… my thought is, “ so I make another kid to entertain my already spoiled kid?” seems legit. My son is now 5, tell me how a newborn baby is going to entertain him? To be honest, whenever I see other mom’s with multiple kids all they are doing is fighting each other. Doesn’t look fun. Don’t even get me started on having to start over, I already gave away all my crap!

I do have that feeling of sadness that my son won’t have siblings, (mom calm down if your reading this, it’s still a no) especially because I think he would be the best big brother. I’m just waiting for that spark, flutter, tug on my heart that tells me I need another baby. I just haven’t felt it.

How did you know you were going to have multiple children? Was it always a plan? Does that feeling even exist? I love hearing people’s stories about how they made that decision, especially the oops type stories, those are always my favorite. I guess for now I’m going to just stick with that 80% no and keep an eye out for a sign that I’m wrong.

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Stalker Mom

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What? You don’t secretly watch your kid play on the playground before school starts? Just me, ok maybe I’m a little weird. In all fairness at least I put clothes on to do this, unlike the other mom that does it in her robe…. can you say psycho?

I’m going to justify this real quick and then you can see I’m totally not crazy. Bryce is an only child, so to say I was nervous about him interacting with a shit ton of new kids was an understatement. What if they thought he was weird? What if no one talks to him? So, I hid, and I creeped. It got to the point that other parents at school would refer to me as the stalker mom. Hey, no shame in my game, I think he’s the dopest thing since target dollar spot, so you bet, I’ll happily take that title.

To my surprise he did great! A little social butterfly as some would call it. After a month of being the stalker mom I am happy to say I no longer hide and creep. I realized I could get so much more opportunities to stalk him if I volunteered in the classroom. So buh bye stalker mom, hello creepy room mom! I know I can’t be alone here, at what age or point did you stop being that helicopter mom? Is it easier when you have multiple kids? Do you just get better with experience? Drop those stories in the comment box, and lets see what everyone’s take on this is!

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At what age do you stop wiping butts? Asking for a friend

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Finally sit down for the first time all day, go to take a bite of my Greek Yogurt, must get that protein in, and what do you hear? “mom! Come wipe my butt” so you yell back “ughhhh, why can’t you wipe it yourself?” followed up by my 5-year-old telling me he will wipe his butt when he’s 6. Hold up you mean to tell me I have 1 more year of butt wiping? FML

It’s also important to share what this butt wiping issue has grown to. He not only tells me to wait inside the bathroom, but to flush the toilet for him so he doesn’t have to wash his hands. Although I’m trying not to breath, I’m a little impressed that his young brain justified this so well, I mean technically he isn’t touching anything, but that argument is for another day.

So, this leads me to ask, at what age did you just say enough is enough, wipe your own butt? It’s not really a topic you bring up when you are chatting with your mom friends, or maybe it is, and I just am not doing it. Either way I have a feeling I’m not alone on this. All tips and advice are welcome. It’s more than welcomed I am begging you help a Sista out! Or maybe send me over some poo pourie so when I’m waiting for my master to finish, I won’t want to puke.

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