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At what age do you stop wiping butts? Asking for a friend

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Finally sit down for the first time all day, go to take a bite of my Greek Yogurt, must get that protein in, and what do you hear? “mom! Come wipe my butt” so you yell back “ughhhh, why can’t you wipe it yourself?” followed up by my 5-year-old telling me he will wipe his butt when he’s 6. Hold up you mean to tell me I have 1 more year of butt wiping? FML

It’s also important to share what this butt wiping issue has grown to. He not only tells me to wait inside the bathroom, but to flush the toilet for him so he doesn’t have to wash his hands. Although I’m trying not to breath, I’m a little impressed that his young brain justified this so well, I mean technically he isn’t touching anything, but that argument is for another day.

So, this leads me to ask, at what age did you just say enough is enough, wipe your own butt? It’s not really a topic you bring up when you are chatting with your mom friends, or maybe it is, and I just am not doing it. Either way I have a feeling I’m not alone on this. All tips and advice are welcome. It’s more than welcomed I am begging you help a Sista out! Or maybe send me over some poo pourie so when I’m waiting for my master to finish, I won’t want to puke.

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