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Casual and Cute Park Outfit

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Jean shorts, graphic tee and sneakers. Follow that up with 80 degrees on a Saturday and you’ll find my happy place. Weekends are usually spent with my boys outside.

It’s so hard to find that casual outfit that isn’t ya know, to casual. I know I always want to be comfy but also still feel like I tried.

A fun stylish pair of sneakers are always my go to. Obviously, I would love to wear cute wedges or a cute heel but that is just never going to happen for this boy mama.

Vans are always the best when it comes to the perfect casual shoe. I normally go straight for the platforms but the pink sparkle had me hooked!

Pair those fun sneakers with a band tee and your not only comfy but trendy! Total confession, I own 5 Rolling Stones Tees… no, I do not listen to them, they just really nailed it with their logo.

I am always on the hunt for new sneaker ideas so if you have any that you are currently loving share them in the comments below!

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