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Comfy T-shirt dress

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Praise Jesus I finally found a dress that covers my butt! Normally I am not a dress type of girl, but this one was just so cute, I couldn’t pass it up. I bought it at Forever 21 per usual, they need to sponsor me already, like what are they doing with their life? It is long enough to cover all the goods which is a rare occasion with dresses at that store. It is soft and flattering with the high neck and folded over sleeves. It is the perfect cozy dress for mommin on a Tuesday. I saw it in a forest green as well but it didn’t speak to me like this color.

The pink was just so fun and figured it would look great with my leopard platforms. Now that I’ve worn it, I’m definitely going back for that forest green, I freaking knew that was going to happen. The shoes I’m wearing are Steve Madden and were $50, which is awesome especially for Steve Madden, he is not cheap, most times I find the dupes at the random stores in the mall, anyone else do that? They also come in camo and black. You may or may not be seeing those in future posts cough cough.

With summer around the corner this is a great dress to wear casual with sneakers or can be dressed up with cute wedges or sandals. I am wearing a size small and it was $12.90! I know, that price is amazing!

I linked a couple more dresses that are under $25.00

Fitted T-shirt dress

Tank midi dress

Casual T-shirt dress

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