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Fashion on a Budget- Hats

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You all have seen the cute fun hats everyone is wearing lately. I could not get them out of my head, I wasn’t sold on them completely since I have never seen anyone wear one in real life. The people that I would see wearing them were the perfect IG like to know it girls that literally can wear a sack from Walmart and make me want to buy that shit.

But you know me and of course I was like “If that chick can pull it off, so can I” I went to Amazon and got to creepin until I found one that wasn’t completely overpriced. Can we just take a minute and give a shout out to Amazon and how cute their clothes have been lately! I swear every single cute thing I have seen is from Amazon. To say I was nervous about the quality and fit is an understatement, I was crossing my fingers that it was going to fit my big head. When it arrived I immediately tried it on and it was perfect. The quality and the fit were better than I expected!

I swear I wore this thing everyday since I got it. It comes in tan and burgundy and that burgundy one is calling my name. I might have to order it asap. For less than $20 you really can’t beat it. I wanted to show you the four outfits that I styled it with and maybe inspire you to hop on this trend. I attached the link for the one I am wearing here.

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