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Graphic Tee Outfits!

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I swear a graphic tee should be a staple in everyone’s closet! They are the most versatile item you can own. I love wearing them with leggings all the way to styling them with a leather skirt and heels. The key to styling graphic tees is to make it fun! That is what they are all about, they express your personality, how you are feeling that day, or just something that makes you smile.

When I was hunting for things to add to the boutique I knew I wanted some super fun graphic tees. I wanted to keep the price range in mind as well as quality. The ones that I chose to carry are the softest and fit a little loose so you have a couple of different options as far as styling goes! Some have distressing for an extra edge and some are more fitted. I am sure I have one that you will love!

Here are a couple of my favorite ways to style graphic tees. You can find each one on the MyGirlfriendsCloset page!

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