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Help! I'm Awkward on Camera

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You are so excited to share this awesome story, you had something really cool happen, you figured out a new program, or you made this cool recipe and want to show everyone how good it looks, you open up your camera, push the record button and freeze. Decide you just aren’t interesting enough and don’t post it. Sound familiar? I thought so. You are not alone on this at all, most people feel completely awkward and terrified to put their faces on camera and share it with the world. I haven’t even mentioned going LIVE yet, holy cow talk about an anxiety attack. You feel exposed, like so many eyes are on you, what if I mess up, what if I say something wrong, what if no one watches? The list goes on. Trust me sister, we have all been there.

It doesn’t have to be this way, you can get comfortable on camera, it is just going to take time and a lot of practice. As shocking as this might sound I love being on camera! Totally being sarcastic, everyone already knows I love attention. It is my way of entertaining people, I am such a people person so it’s a way to have conversations with everyone regularly.


The thing that helps me most is picturing one person versus tons. By showing up for that one person, it allows me to eliminate a lot of the doubt. I know that one person is going to benefit from what I have to say so I make videos with only that in mind. If anyone else likes it, well that is just bonus. Same for people that don’t like it, I am not asking them to stay, they are more than welcome to leave. I now have ladies sending me their videos to practice getting more comfortable on camera, by them sending me videos it forces them to do it, which in turn gives them more practice and then leads to being more comfortable. Plus it helps me learn and practice as well!

So get out of your own head and get to recording, you are far more interesting than you think! If you want to start sending me videos to practice I am more than happy to help! I want you to have the confidence to show up, and if that means sending me videos then get to work sister!

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