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How to curl your hair

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What comes to mind when I say Farrah Fawcett? Totally had to google her name right now, sorry Farrah! Instantly I see that one picture of her smiling wearing an orange tank top, that amazing hair fabulously flowing away from her face. Sorry, completely dazing off into the amazingness of her hair, ahh goals.


So why all the Farrah talk? Because I want you to use that as a guide when you are curling your hair. Always think about curling away from your face, I’m old school and prefer an actual curling iron instead of a wand, but if a wand is your jam that’s cool too! When I am curling, I always start with the back pieces that way when you are done curling that piece you can toss it behind your shoulder. Then I work my way forward. If its easier clip your hair into sections. I personally don’t anymore just because my hair is so long that I can. If you have shorter hair, I would recommend using clips.

Make sure to always start in the middle of the strand and not the bottom. When you start at the bottom and try to curl up you risk getting those kinked up ends or your hair will keep slipping out. By starting in the middle, you have way more control over the hair. I also like to keep the ends out to create a more casual look. If you want to keep the ends in, go for it! it’s more of a dressy type look or southern bell as I like to refer too.

I have used Hot Tools curling irons for years, they are the OG when it comes to curling irons. Although lately mine have started to break and I have been looking at the Babyliss brand. My hair stylist used it and highly recommended it. Once I grab one I will share how I like it!

If your hair doesn’t hold a curl I would use a smaller barrel to get a tighter curl, once curled do not touch it, you want to keep it as tight as possible, that way when you get to your destination they won’t be completely flat. The bigger barrel gives more of a looser beach wave, this is perfect for thicker or curly hair types as it gives you more space to work with.

I personally don’t use any hairspray or products just because I’m lazy, but I would recommend a hard hold hairspray like Big Sexy Hair a light hold hairspray like Morrocan Oil or a texture spray. Clean hair is the worst for holding a curl, so for best results have one day hair or add in some dry shampoo for extra texture. I linked the comb I used in the video here.

Now go out and practice practice practice, all while thinking happy thoughts of Farrah’s fabulous hair curling away from her face!

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