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How to start working out

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If you follow me on Instagram, You might have seen my white board with the workout of the day on it. Writing out my workout helps me stay on track and have a plan in place. Depending on your goal’s, chances are you will be working out at minimum of 3 times a week or at most 7 days a week.

You are going to need a plan to follow so you aren’t wandering the gym drawing a blank, or if you’re like me and workout at home start getting side tracked and end up cleaning or folding laundry.

So how do you plan?

1. Figure out how many days you are going to work out that week. If it’s 3 days, you will want to get the most out of those 3 days. I would focus on a full body workout. Think about all muscle groups and choose 1 or 2 exercises that works them. If you are going to do 4 or more days, I would recommend working body parts that get worked at the same time. Example being back and biceps, they are considered pull movements that work together simultaneously.

2. How much time do you have to devote to your workout? Now this one is easy for me because I like to get in, get it done type of workouts. I’m guessing you are with me on this. That’s where an EMOM type workout comes in, its quick and efficient. You can customize it to however long you need. Don’t know what an EMOM is? This blog post explains it in detail Here!


3. If you have zero clue what exercises work what muscle do not worry, now a days there are so many apps that will give you great workouts. You can also youtube and google any type of workout and it will give you full videos and demonstrations. An app I like is FitBod and another one that people like is called Street Parking.

4. Purchase equipment to get the job done or find a gym that is convenient in distance and price. I would grab 2 different size dumbbells for options, one lighter and one heavier. Those will take care of most upper body exercises. A good quality cloth booty band, the elastic ones scare the shit out of me (insert YouTube video of getting slapped in the face) a cloth one stays put and offers a more intense resistance. A yoga mat, from experience its great to have for comfort as well as a place to lay when you are sweaty (Moveo Fit Co mats are machine washable and very sturdy) I wrote a blog post with examples of workouts you can do at home Here!

5.To make it easier, I created a hashtag on Instagram that has all my workout videos saved for reference, feel free to use it to share your home workouts! #heresmyhomegym . I also added a highlight full of workout of the day ideas.

Most of all you just have to start moving! If you are just starting out it’s important to start slow. If you go hard everyday you will be so sore and not able to train for a couple days. Start by going on walks with the family, slow jog if you feel up to it. Working your way up to a schedule is not only smart, it will save you a lot of pain in the future. Don’t over think this, it’s not meant to be hard. You just have to stay consistent, I’m right there with you cheering you on!

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