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Joining an Accountability Group?

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I remember the first accountability group I ever joined, it was back when I was doing my Beach body workout DVD’s. My coach started it as a way for us all to check in with each other. I really liked it, it does exactly what the name says “accountability group”. It actually made me kind of competitive because at the end there was a prize for the person that posted the most.

I ended up losing because I got lazy. It freaking sucked that I lost. It gets me thinking… what if my coach would’ve called me on my shit as soon as I stopped posting? What if she sent me a personalized message that reminded me why I joined in the first place? I can tell you I think it would’ve changed my mind really quick.

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I had zero intentions of hosting an accountability group. I was struggling to get back into my routine after vacations and spring break so I posted on my Instagram stories “ looking for an accountability partner” and didn’t think to much about it. Then the messages started coming in, me, me, I want to, I need one too!

Holy shit what is happening? Let me start a group so I can add all of these awesome ladies to it and we can all hold each other accountable. The messages didn’t stop. Eventually I had 30 women that joined my Facebook group. Did that just happen? Were these ladies really here for this all because I posted that one story? You bet your ass they were. And it was freaking amazing.

The first day I could start to see most people weren’t active, they weren’t involved. It took me back to that first group I joined. I remembered that feeling when I knew I slacked off and lost the contest. I really believe if my coach would’ve called me on my shit I probably would have not slacked off and actually finished the challenge. So that’s exactly what I did. I went LIVE in the group and called every single one of them out. Sent each one a personal video of me telling them to show up and participate.

To be completely honest I got a little scared that I was going to piss some people off, but it was the opposite. Everyone loved it. It was that exact push that we all join accountability groups for. Now the group feels like I’m working out with a bunch of my girlfriends, we lift each other up, we comment when someone posts and we cheer them on for doing the work. So yes, accountability groups are amazing, just make sure you have a leader in yours that isn’t afraid to call you on your shit. Cough, Cough that’s me, your girlfriend Renee!

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