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Kid's Activities! Why don't you get a Free Test Run?

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How many of you are always on the hunt for new activities for your kids? How many times have you looked at the price and changed your mind? I have! I am always hesitant to enroll him because 1 it’s expensive and 2 what if he doesn’t like it?


Here is a perfect example of why I think we should get a test run before purchasing! My son asked me to put him in karate. No problem, consider it done. I paid the $65 fee and took him to the first class. It was through the city because it was cheaper and I wanted to make sure he actually liked it before I went all in at an actual place. The instructor comes out and says “ We are going to go into the room, all parents can take a seat in the hall and we will let you come in for the last 5 minutes.” Excuse me, you are going to take my 5 year old in a room without me? Ohhh hell nah. My son lost his shit. He was terrified that he couldn’t see me and cried the entire time. We ended up leaving after 10 minutes. Next week comes and he does not want to go. I made him go to give it one more shot and if he didn’t like it we would leave. Again they took him into the room and he lost it. We left and I was out $65. That was probably the worst experience so far, and I am guessing you all have had similar experiences. Why can’t you just do a one class tester to see if it is something they actually like versus something they randomly thought of trying.

Now we are happily enrolled in gymnastics, they actually give you a test class to see if they like it which is genius! I signed him up just because they offered that. He loves it! It is so perfect for kids his age, they have him jumping, flipping and burning out that energy! It was awesome you get to actually see how the kids like it before you give them all your money! I am so excited they did that because it isn’t cheap and now he has something he enjoys while I get an hour break! #winning

How many times have you started something with your kid and you never went back? What activities or sports are your kids favorite?

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