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Leopard Pant suit

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$35 my friends! I was walking through Forever 21, I know shocker. The top was hanging on a rack, immediately caught my eye but I figured there was no way I would ever wear that type of top. So, I kept walking. Then the pants decided to make an appearance, ohhh girl, now we are talking. They only had large, but I grabbed it anyway. I figured I can find the other size online if I needed to. Went to the fitting room to see if this was going to work, or if I was going to have one of those “Renee, you are getting to old for this shit” moments.

To my surprise the fitting room rack had a medium, bless up! It was perfect. The high waist makes the tiny crop top not so aggressive, so it is a flattering fit! You bet I looked in that mirror and said “yea girl, you still got it”

Let me repeat $35 for the entire set. As you know, move quickly with forever 21 because once they are gone its impossible to find again.

If you find anymore and grab them, tag me in your pics! I would love to see how you style it. Or if you find any cute gems from there feel free to share!

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