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Listening to Feedback is a Good Thing!

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You know that feeling after you get a facial, hair done, or a fresh pedicure? That deep breathe you take after because you are totally relaxed and feel so refreshed? That is exactly how I feel after a weekend full of rebuilding my website. I launched back in April 2019 with literally no clue what I was doing. I found a template that was simple to use on the back end and had a visual aesthetic that appealed to me. I was new to the blogging world heck even website world. So when I launched it I was so proud, it was the first step to creating my brand. I didn’t understand what to look for in a website as far as being user friendly, easy to navigate, and how it looks on all devices. I just wanted it to be pretty.


Now that it has been almost 5 months I accumulated a lot of feedback throughout that time. At first I didn’t consider it, you can say I was defensive, it was my baby, my first project that I have ever created and put into the world. So when I would get feedback I wouldn’t take it seriously because I thought it was perfect. Talk about insecure…. I was getting the same advice from people on what I should change to make it easier but I was still hesitant, even though all the feedback was coming from people who have websites and businesses. The feedback I was getting was for GirlCode as well, which GirlCode is like my second baby so I was trying to make it easy to use and amazing but instead I over complicated it.

I finally took a step back and really thought about the things people were telling me. Nothing was going to work if the people don’t find it easy to use or fun to use. I had to stop being protective and insecure and really look at my stuff from a different point of view. I started seeing the problems they were having, the hiccups, the places where they were confused. I listened and I learned. I took every bit of feedback that I got and worked with it, changed it and organized it. Now it is amazing, it is easy, fun and simple to use, which is what I wanted all along. I am so thankful for those people taking the initiative to tell me that feedback.

I am better because of it and so is my website. I am sharing it because I know this is something that will come up for you when you are starting your journey, or if you already are, people are going to give you feedback, it is your choice whether you want to use it to make things better or take it as harsh criticism. Just be sure to recognize when someone is genuinely trying to help versus being discouraging. I have been on both sides. If you need any feedback or just need someone to talk ideas with reach out or feel free to post in GirlCode!

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