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Making a Lifestyle Change, Without support of Friends and Family

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This is the week, the day, the month that you are committing to make a change. It could be fitness, a new job, a new lifestyle, new friends, or a new goal. You tell your friends and family but they stare and make comments, inside you feel so alone or even dumb for saying it out loud. That little voice in your head starts to speak up and confirm everything they just said is true, you give up before you even get started.


Girl I go through this on the regular. I have these ideas, goals, reasons why I want to make a change. But the more people I tell, the more alone I feel. The comments, the looks, are all real and they cut deep. This is where you have to take a step back, and keep moving, one step at a time, one shitty comment at a time, one day at a time. This is where you shut that voice in your head up no matter how many times it repeats itself.

The looks and comments you are getting have nothing to do with you. Let me repeat this, the looks and comments you are getting have nothing to do with you. Repeat this every single time until you don’t have to anymore. They are coming from that persons insecurities in themselves not in you. You are making a change, you are taking a step, you are doing the uncomfortable. Take all those comments as a sign you are moving in the right direction. And don’t stop.

I’m not telling you this from past experience, I am telling you this as I deal with it currently. I have big dreams, I have big goals, and I also have people that don’t get it. Do you think I am going to let those opinions stop me? Do you think I am going to let those opinions stop you? Heck no Girlfriend! I am right here with you, if you feel alone, or if your dreams are to big….. email me, I’ll write you back and let you know they aren’t big enough. This is your safe place, this is your outlet, in the words of Stefanie Peters- “ Stop telling your big dreams to small minded people”. Let’s do this together my friend. One step at a time.

Leave a comment below to share what you are going through, or what you went through and how you got through it. I think the more we share the more people we can help.

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