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My Girlfriend's Closet, Hand Picked Fashion for you!

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It is no secret I love fashion, and it’s certainly not a secret that I love a good deal. I always have so much fun hunting for new trends, finding fashion staples at good prices and putting outfits together. I mean I go on websites just to see whats new every week, it’s what I call “Me Time”.


The more I post on social media, the more I realized how much of my content is about fashion. I always get questions about the stuff I wear, asking where I got it, and messages from people saying they wish I could shop for them. I started brainstorming more ways to provide value, how can I help solve this problem or at least make it easier. I started posting Daily Deals in Girl Code every morning, I would look up sales on all the websites I usually shop at, sharing anything that looked like a good deal. But it still didn’t really provide the solution to the questions I was getting, it made it easier to find where to shop, but you still have to find the stuff and style it on your own. I knew I could be doing more, I just couldn’t figure out what it was going to be.

Digging a little deeper into this, my husband and my friend had asked me why I haven’t started an online boutique or something along those lines. I kind of sat back and thought, why haven’t I done that yet? I love fashion, I love deals, and I know what looks cute. Why not hand pick cute stuff that I would wear and that I think others would wear, show it styled so you can see how it looks. You guys can skip all the guess work of finding everything yourselves and trust that I will put everything together for you. It seemed like the best idea to take it one step further and solve the problem.

I am always very honest about all the products and clothes I recommend, and you can trust that whatever I am recommending, it’s amazing! I will post an outfit with different styling options, then you can buy it with the peace of mind knowing you can wear it a couple different ways and it’s in style. I know that shopping isn’t exactly the funnest thing for people, and I personally love it, that is why My Girlfriend’s Closet is going to be a great way to provide more value!

I am so excited to start this new adventure, I can’t wait to start shopping and finding cute fun pieces for all of you! I always say I am changing the game when it comes to being a girlfriend, this is just one of the ways I believe will do it!

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