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Outfit Ideas for a Fall Photoshoot

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Fall is here and that is the start of family photo shoot time! That means the stress of having to find cute outfits not just for you but for the whole family. I wanted to share some outfit ideas to make it a little easier on you and maybe give you some inspiration!

My first suggestion is to figure out where you are going to be shooting. If you are going for a woodsy or field vibe, I wouldn’t recommend wearing pumps or white jeans, it could be more work than its worth in that case. The same goes if you are doing a place like a winery, hotel, or cool place you want to have the right outfit to match the vibe you are going for.

I would head over to Pinterest and see any colors and scenery you like and go from there. You can search for color ideas and poses too. Then I would decide if your family and you are all going to match. Color coordinating is what I would choose instead of wearing all similar outfits just because you can pick a couple of colors and put each one of your family members in them versus having to hunt down the exact matching outfits in everyone’s sizes.

Last but not least, have fun with it. The one thing I have learned is to not overthink it, it’s easy to get nervous or stressed and that does not help anyone. Get some candid laughing ones or just embrace what each family member's personality does. My favorite types of pictures usually end up being the candid shots!

Even if you aren’t taking family photos, here are some great fall fashion ideas! You can find all of these looks in my boutique called My Girlfriends Closet!

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