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Working from Home, Pros and Cons

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Working from home has its perks, but it also has some negatives. One of the negatives for me is being lonely. I am a total people person, I love to talk and see people pretty regularly. I used to work in a salon, what does that tell you about needing to have people around? Now that I am practically home by myself during the week it can make me a little stir crazy. Working at home doesn’t give you to much human connection, I miss going to lunch with people or just running to get a coffee. Heck even dressing up is something I miss!

Thank goodness for social media though, it is something that has totally been a game-changer for this stay at home mama. That is where most of my friends are, I message with them all day! That is where the perks of working from home come in, you can chat with anyone at any time of the day, hop on a Zoom call, or just call people whenever you need a little pick me up. No deadlines, no people or drama to worry about. And the sweat pants option is pretty dope too!

Since growing my business and my brand is my main focus right now I am so thankful I went to a women in business conference last year. It introduced me to an amazing group of likeminded women to chat with. Which most of them work from home as well so they understand exactly what I am going through. We share business ideas, get feedback, input, and strategize and network with one another. Rather than talk about our personal lives, we mostly talk about all the things that we can do to take our businesses to the next level. It really helps to cure that loneliness working from home tends to come with.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you work from home? Or ever feel like you just want a group of women to chat with?

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