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What? You don’t secretly watch your kid play on the playground before school starts? Just me, ok maybe I’m a little weird. In all fairness at least I put clothes on to do this, unlike the other mom that does it in her robe…. can you say psycho?

I’m going to justify this real quick and then you can see I’m totally not crazy. Bryce is an only child, so to say I was nervous about him interacting with a shit ton of new kids was an understatement. What if they thought he was weird? What if no one talks to him? So, I hid, and I creeped. It got to the point that other parents at school would refer to me as the stalker mom. Hey, no shame in my game, I think he’s the dopest thing since target dollar spot, so you bet, I’ll happily take that title.

To my surprise he did great! A little social butterfly as some would call it. After a month of being the stalker mom I am happy to say I no longer hide and creep. I realized I could get so much more opportunities to stalk him if I volunteered in the classroom. So buh bye stalker mom, hello creepy room mom! I know I can’t be alone here, at what age or point did you stop being that helicopter mom? Is it easier when you have multiple kids? Do you just get better with experience? Drop those stories in the comment box, and lets see what everyone’s take on this is!

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