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At Home Workout Using Booty Bands!

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Working out at home is practically the only place I do get a workout in. I have gone to gyms but it is just not convenient for me right now. So what do you do when you can’t go to a gym? You get creative. The best investment I made was getting my home gym set up. It has the cables, attachments and a bench and a couple different sized dumbbells which is a complete life saver. The newest addition to my home gym are workout bands. It took me a while a to get on board with those because I didn’t think they were that important.

Yea, I was wrong. So, so, wrong. Those 2 bands have increased my exercise library by tons! I am able to turn up the resistance on my leg days while eliminating the fear of hurting myself. Mostly all of my leg days are now done with just booty bands. I like that you can use them in impractical ways like cleaning the house, going up and down the stairs, and take normal body weight exercises and add resistance to them. Below are some ideas for at home workouts with just using resistance bands.


Using a Heavy resistance band sit on the stairs and open your legs trying to expand the band as far as possible, close and repeat.


Wall sit paired with a Heavy Resistance band. Optional add an abductor or alternating leg lifts.


Using the Medium Band step up like normal, you can choose as many steps to skip as you like.Alternate legs with each step.


Using a Medium Band side step all the way up the stairs, you can just side step on one or in place on a level surface as well, just switch to a heavy band for added resistance. Alternate sides.


Using a Heavy band, stand and raise your leg, squeezing your glutes to lift your leg. Alternate legs.


Using a Medium band you can do a stationary squat or you can squat up the stairs.

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Leg Workout for Home or Gym

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Whether you are working out at home, or in a gym, You can turn these moves into the type of workout you enjoy!

Don’t let these bad ass pictures fool you, I workout at home 100% of the time, it is the most convenient for me since I am a stay at home mom. But for dramatic effect I chose to shoot at a bad ass gym!

At home I am limited on equipment, especially for leg exercises, so I have to get creative and find products to work each muscle while saving space and budget. I was skeptical about the exercise bands at first, but holy cow do not underestimate was these babies can do. They are my favorite way to really activate and burn out that muscle, for at home workouts they are ideal for getting the job done.

Although I prefer them, a band is not necessary for this, you can use any type of equipment you want like barbells and dumbbells. My preferred type of workout is an EMOM. Or you can adjust it to your preferred style.


12 Banded Squats

12 Hip thrusters

12 Banded kickbacks

12 Deadlifts

12 Leg extensions/ you can sub lunges

12 Banded side steps

X4 24 minutes

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