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Fashion on a Budget- Graphic Tees

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Who does’t love a good graphic-tee? I swear that is all I own these days! In today’s Fashion on a Budget series I am sharing where I find my favorite graphic-tees for less. They do not have to cost a ton of money to be cute! The best part about them is you can style them up or down, I can pair one with a blazer and pumps or casual it down with some leggings and sneakers. Either way graphic-tees should be in your closet! I usually creep on the like to know it app to get ideas. Usually they are more expensive and unless I can’t live without it, I am not paying a ton of money for a tee that I most likely won’t wear very long.


Revolve $125.00

First picture is from and is $125.00 This one is so cute and can be dressed up or down. I like how soft it looks and if I were going to wear it by itself with no jacket, then I would recommend it.

Since you know me, $125.00 was not my ideal price for a shirt. With this in mind I started searching to find another version.

Seek and you shall find! I was in Forever21 when I saw this gem hanging on a rack. They only had a small left but I did not care, this was going home with me. With Forever21 you never know what type of fit you are going to get. One shirt that is small can fit perfect and another be a crop top. My advice when shopping there is to try everything on if possible.


Forever 21


To my surprise the small was a perfect fit. I was so excited to get it home and piece it all together with my outfit. With a little bit of patience you can always find some good pieces at Forever21.

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Fashion on a Budget- Blazers

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white blazer shop bop.jpg

Shop Bop $88.00

I headed to Dallas, Texas for a conference. This meant find all the cutest outfits possible. I was going to be around a ton of adults so mama was getting dressed up for this shit. I wanted to find a cute white blazer to wear since they are back in style. It is in the middle of spring so the white just seemed so perfect. Mother nature didn’t think so and decided to thunder and lightning the whole trip but it’s good I still looked cute. Blazers can be tricky because the fabric has to be good, otherwise they can look cheap really fast. What I look for is a thicker fabric, the thicker the fabric is, the sturdier the jacket will look, aka more expensive. Depending on the type of look I am going for I either choose one with embellishments or one with a simpler style.

I saw this blazer on Instagram and immediately creeped to find it. I wasn’t to mad at the price because it is very cute, but I had a feeling I can find one for a little cheaper. I swear I should be on that crazy coupon show, I have way to much fun finding deals.

The first picture is from Shopbop it is $88.00 which isn’t to bad, It is super cute and a great option for sure!

white blazer vici.jpg

Vici $32.00

The second picture is from VICI and it was on sale so I scored, it is sold out now but I still wanted to show you the option. This one was originally $64.00 but I got it on sale for $32.00, if you like something on Vici’s website try and wait a week or 2 because it always goes on sale. I get most of my staple pieces and dresses from Vici, their quality is amazing and always on trend.

Comment below with your favorite websites or stores that are your go to places for events and cute fashion finds.


Final outfit put together

It was the perfect blend between business and fun.

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Leopard Pant suit

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$35 my friends! I was walking through Forever 21, I know shocker. The top was hanging on a rack, immediately caught my eye but I figured there was no way I would ever wear that type of top. So, I kept walking. Then the pants decided to make an appearance, ohhh girl, now we are talking. They only had large, but I grabbed it anyway. I figured I can find the other size online if I needed to. Went to the fitting room to see if this was going to work, or if I was going to have one of those “Renee, you are getting to old for this shit” moments.

To my surprise the fitting room rack had a medium, bless up! It was perfect. The high waist makes the tiny crop top not so aggressive, so it is a flattering fit! You bet I looked in that mirror and said “yea girl, you still got it”

Let me repeat $35 for the entire set. As you know, move quickly with forever 21 because once they are gone its impossible to find again.

If you find anymore and grab them, tag me in your pics! I would love to see how you style it. Or if you find any cute gems from there feel free to share!

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