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Why you need a Denim Jacket!

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I for one am always cold. Once it drops under 80 degrees it is considered cold weather to me. That is why a denim jacket has always been a staple in my winter wardrobe. Although I love a denim jacket they are very hard to come by. If you find one they sometimes are bulky, poorly fitting or just not comfortable to wear with anything but a tank underneath.

When I was looking for a denim jacket to add to the boutique…and my closet, I knew I was going to have to search long and hard. After a couple of different places, I finally found the comfiest, cutest, warmest, denim jacket. Once I saw the sherpa neck on this one I knew it was going to be so cute and fun to style.

So what do you wear a denim jacket with? If you ask me, I say everything! As far as I am concerned you can wear a denim jacket and jeans as long as they are similar in wash. I love pairing my denim jacket with t-shirt dresses and skinny jeans. You can dress it up with a pair of booties and a belt or you can dress it down with a cute pair of comfy sneakers. Either way, the only rule I follow when it comes to denim is proportions. You don’t want to wear a denim jacket with bulky bottoms. You will end up looking way bigger than you are and it’s not flattering on any body type. That is why I usually wear high waisted skinny jeans or leggings so it accentuates my legs and keeping all the bulk on top. Here are my favorite ways to style a denim jacket! You can find the one I am wearing in my boutique called My Girlfriends Closet!

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