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How To Set Up a Home Gym

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I didn’t really start working out until after I had my son. Pregnancy was great but hot damn I was not happy with my body afterwards. This was around the time that P90X came out, everyone was doing it and getting great results so I decided to jump on the band wagon. I hated it! It took me a couple of months to find a workout routine that I enjoyed. I found weight lifting and I was hooked, it was something I can do at home and still get results. I bought a couple dumbbells and was as happy as can be! That is where my at home workout journey began!

6 years later I still love working out at home, it is convenient and I have it set up exactly the way I like it. Over the years I have added bigger equipment but starting out you really only need a couple of things! I will give you the break down of what items are my favorite for a home gym set up!

  1. Dumbbells, my advice is to start with 2 different weights. One heavier weight for bigger muscle groups like biceps, back and legs. A lighter weight for shoulder and tricep work, it is great to have the lighter and heavier options so you can work different muscle groups. If you want you can add in a kettle bell! You can perform so many different exercises with a kettlebell!

  2. Set of resistance bands, or as I like to call them, booty bands! They are a game changer when it comes to leg day. A big fear for me working out alone at home is that I don’t want to hurt myself with bigger weight, a band helps turn up the resistance and opens up your workout library a ton! They come in 2 sizes, medium and heavy. Medium is great for bigger movements like squats, lunges and deadlifts. The heavy is great for isolated movements like glute bridges, abductors, donkey kicks and side steps.

  3. A bench is also a great piece of equipment to have, it doesn’t need to be fancy, my tip is to pay attention to the height and if it is adjustable, the first one I purchased wasn’t adjustable and it limited my workouts. I would get one that you can move up and down so you can perform more exercises.

  4. A mirror is great, I love having it to watch my form, you would be surprised how much of a difference it makes when you can see the muscle working. You can also see if you are using momentum or other body parts during the exercise and correct it immediately.

Optional items include, a barbell for more exercises, plates to add on the barbell, a dry erase board if you are like me and have to write down your workout, a yoga mat for comfort and of course a wireless speaker for the jams. Once you get in a groove you will see what you need and what you don’t! Don’t over think it, grab a couple things to start and grow from there. You don’t need to have it all on day 1!

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