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Tips to Add Veggies to Your Diet

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I have always struggled with eating veggies. I like carrots…. with ranch. That is the extent of what my veggie intake looks like. You know how you know you should be eating certain things but don’t? Yup me too. I can tell a difference in my energy when I am lacking something in my diet. I always track my macros religiously and it was no surprise I lacked in fiber. I always pay attention to my protein, carbs, and fats, and never worried about one of the most important parts, micronutrients They play a huge role in your bodies operating, vitamins and minerals aka micronutrients are essential to living a healthy lifestyle.


Because I suck at eating veggies knowing how beneficial they are, I make sure to take my Opti Greens every night that is a game changer for my bloating, and digestion, it has 11 servings of veggies, I highly recommend taking it.

Since I started working with a nutrition coach, she recommended starting slow and adding in more veggies to my diet. I started adding spinach to my daily protein shake. I always drink a protein shake for lunch just because it tastes great and is convenient. I wrote a blog post about when to use a protein shake if you want to check it out. Plus I knew there was no way I was going to be able to eat that much spinach if it wasn’t blended into a shake.

To my surprise it was actually unrecognizable when I tried it. I added 1 scoop of my Level 1 Ice cream Sandwich protein powder because it is the sweetest flavor and great for mixing into smoothies. I also added in some chia seeds to get my fats up, they add a little bit of texture but nothing to crazy. Mix that up in a blender with some almond milk and bam, a spinach filled smoothie where you can’t even taste it, winning in my eyes!

Smoothie Recipe I did-

8oz of unsweetened original almond milk

1 handful of ice cubes

2 tbsp of chia seeds

1 scoop level 1 Ice cream Sandwich protein powder

2 handfuls of fresh spinach


Cals- 315

Protein- 34.5g


Carbs- 26g

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Shipt Grocery Delivery!

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I was so hesitant to try this, I have always seen the ads for Instacart and the car pick up but it never stood out to me as being convenient. I always thought it was so expensive and just not practical for me who is a stay at home mom. Like grocery shopping is one of my jobs, can you other mommas relate?


My friend was always talking about how amazing it was, she would use it at hotels to deliver water, which by the way I did not know that the hotels charge for the water bottles in your room until I got charged for them. They even did a curling iron run when she forgot hers on a trip, I mean come on, someone will run to a target for you to grab stuff you forgot, sold. How hard is it to order an Uber and have to google the location then go and get the stuff. Or you can just oder it on the Shipt app and have it delivered right to your door.

I paid for the monthly membership because I wanted to test it out before I committed to the yearly subscription. I am now guilty of using it more than once a week now, I use it for recipe ingredients when I want to make something from the cookbook or the random stuff I forget at the store.

Here is how it works-

-If you pay for the monthly membership it is $14.00 per month. If you sign up for the yearly membership it is $99.00 a year.

-Once you create an account you can see what stores they service, for me it is Cvs, Target, and Vons. Not my usual grocery store but the one I do go to is 20 min away so I take the little higher price point for the groceries just for the convenience.

-Delivery is free if you spend more than $35.00. Which it is easy to get to $35.00, even if I don’t need that much stuff I still order it because I would rather put the cost of delivery into my groceries. If you do not spend $35.00 the delivery fee is $7.00

-You can add custom orders to your list. I was placing an order for some hot sauce that wasn’t coming up on the list, I added it to my requests and she was happy to grab it for me. They also text you the entire time with updates, they ask questions and let you know if the store is out of a product you requested.

- There is an option to tip them through the app and you can do cash, personally I just use the app to tip them each time but you go off personal preference.

I have had such great experiences with this company and I highly recommend it. I was meal prepping at home while I had the groceries delivered, it is such a time saver for me and I bet it will be for you as well! They have a referral program as well kind of like a cable company, if you refer someone you get a credit of $50 and they get a credit of $50 towards a yearly membership which is awesome because you get it for $49 instead of the $99 . I am not affiliated with them at all, I just love how easy and practical they make it. If you do end up getting it let me know so we can both get a credit, just email me and I can send it over! Hope this helps with making the choice a little easier, if you have used it comment below so we can see what you think!

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