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How to Style White Skinny Jeans!

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Ahh is there anything better than a fresh pair of white skinnies? Well, I think there is. High waisted! Can I get a hallelujah? High waisted is the holy grail for sucking in all the goods. They don’t give you that muffin top when you sit down and are way more comfortable than the low rise.

My go to brand is American eagle, the style I love is next level stretch high waisted jegging. I buy that exact style in every color. They always fit the same no matter what and also come in huge variety of styles, also wait until they have sale, usually they have 30% off online or they do buy one get one half off. I’m all about a deal!

Here are my favorite ways to style white skinny jeans!

  • For a casual look I will take a printed tee or graphic tee that is a little less fitted and pair it with sandals or sneakers depending on the weather and activity. Throw my hair in a top knot and be on my way

  • For a dressier look I like to add in a body suit or a fitted jacket. A body suit gives the look more of a tighter more put together vibe, I will usually choose a solid color for this, I like to keep the patterns for more of a casual look. The jacket can be any type, Moto, denim, or tweed depending on the activity. Then complete the look with a cute heel, booty, or wedge.

You really can’t go wrong with a good pair of white skinny’s. They are the perfect piece to have for spring and summer, or if you live in California year round! What are your favorite ways to style your white jeans? Share below so we can all get new ideas!

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Leopard Pant suit

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$35 my friends! I was walking through Forever 21, I know shocker. The top was hanging on a rack, immediately caught my eye but I figured there was no way I would ever wear that type of top. So, I kept walking. Then the pants decided to make an appearance, ohhh girl, now we are talking. They only had large, but I grabbed it anyway. I figured I can find the other size online if I needed to. Went to the fitting room to see if this was going to work, or if I was going to have one of those “Renee, you are getting to old for this shit” moments.

To my surprise the fitting room rack had a medium, bless up! It was perfect. The high waist makes the tiny crop top not so aggressive, so it is a flattering fit! You bet I looked in that mirror and said “yea girl, you still got it”

Let me repeat $35 for the entire set. As you know, move quickly with forever 21 because once they are gone its impossible to find again.

If you find anymore and grab them, tag me in your pics! I would love to see how you style it. Or if you find any cute gems from there feel free to share!

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Casual and Cute Park Outfit

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Jean shorts, graphic tee and sneakers. Follow that up with 80 degrees on a Saturday and you’ll find my happy place. Weekends are usually spent with my boys outside.

It’s so hard to find that casual outfit that isn’t ya know, to casual. I know I always want to be comfy but also still feel like I tried.

A fun stylish pair of sneakers are always my go to. Obviously, I would love to wear cute wedges or a cute heel but that is just never going to happen for this boy mama.

Vans are always the best when it comes to the perfect casual shoe. I normally go straight for the platforms but the pink sparkle had me hooked!

Pair those fun sneakers with a band tee and your not only comfy but trendy! Total confession, I own 5 Rolling Stones Tees… no, I do not listen to them, they just really nailed it with their logo.

I am always on the hunt for new sneaker ideas so if you have any that you are currently loving share them in the comments below!

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