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Pinterest isn't Just for Outfit Inspo!

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Do you remember when Pinterest was brand new and it was the best thing in the entire world? You would search everything like kitchen design, kids toy storage, outfit ideas, cake ideas, the list goes on. I was a pretty avid Pinterest user in the beginning but I always hated that you couldn’t find where to buy the stuff you were pinning. I stopped using it as frequently when Instagram showed up and to be honest deleted the app for probably a year. Boy was that a mistake, once I realized how important Pinterest is for blogging I had to relearn how to use it and all the tips and tricks to utilize it!


Now that I have a blog, I spend a ton of time researching how to get people to it, I mean l thought you just type some good stuff and the people just come on over and read it. Wrong, so so wrong. Since I am very new to the blogging world, heck technology world, I am literally spending a ton of time searching everything under the sun when it comes to blogging, traffic, and SEO. Learning everything I can to grow this thing every day.

Through all of my research I have found that good old Pinterest is the holy grail for bloggers. If you think about it, every single pin that you click on leads you back to a blog site. Mind just got blown. The more I cruised around Pinterest the more pins I would see with custom words or descriptions on them. Which my eyes are always drawn to the big words when I am scrolling for that specific topic. So how the heck are these bloggers creating these fabulous pins with the words? With a quick google search I found Canva, a free design website where you can create any kind of social media post, thank you card, resume, the list goes on, all for free. You can create the magical custom pins with words, pictures, graphics, all with Canva for free!

The thing with Pinterest is you have to be consistent, which means pinning multiple times a day to get your views up. That is no easy task and takes up a ton of time! I started researching scheduling sites for Pinterest and the crowd favorite was Tailwind. It is a Pinterest approved scheduling site that helps you to pin multiple pins all at one time and then schedule them throughout the day and even weeks! I am new to using it and will have a blog post coming soon with more info once I get more comfortable using it!

I started creating pins for my blog posts and posting them to Pinterest. No, this doesn’t mean that you are all of a sudden going to get a million people to your blog, it just gives your blog a better chance at getting seen. I now spend an entire day creating pins for my blog posts, multiple pins actually, and then pinning other peoples content that way my monthly views to my page will grow.

If you have a website, blog, or even an instagram I highly recommend investing some time into Pinterest, it has helped grow my blog traffic along with social media and word of mouth. I just think of it as another free platform that you can utilize to grow your brand and business! If you are just starting out with your Blog I would give this 3 Tips to Start your Blog a read, It has my tips for starting out!

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