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How to find Out if You Have Fake Followers On IG

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Y’all know I love me some Jasmine Star, she is the holy grail when it comes to social media. I love her delivery and just overall outlook on social media and how it works. If you aren’t following her I highly recommend doing so.

One video she did on IGTV was all about deleting bot followers on IG. Wait, what are bot followers and why do they matter? I know, I asked the same question.


Here is what you need to know! Bot followers are fake accounts that follow you to get sales for companies, or to legitimize their own profile. They are not valuable to you in any way other than vanity metrics, they just make your follower number go up but does nothing for your engagement. And we are all about engagement on Instagram. I made sure to test this out because I wanted to see how many I had. I ended up cleaning out 58 bot followers from my account. I am not going to lie it was a little rough to see my follower count drop so low in an instant, especially when you work so hard to gain followers.

So how the heck do you know who is a bot follower? Surprisingly it is so easy to find them. Look for no profile picture, they are usually following a ton of people but have very few followers, maybe 3-6 posts and its usually a random person or a scenic picture, in their name it has letters and numbers, not a normal name.

To remove them you can either block them or if you go to your followers, next to each ones name will be three dots, you click that and then it will give you the option to remove them. By removing them it doesn’t give that person a notification that you removed them, so now I do it with random creepy dudes that start following me. I have zero interest in creepy dudes following my account, so I remove them as soon as I see them.

I am so happy that I did it and am now aware of how to stay on top of it, it’s not the end of the world if you have them, I would just rather have a strong community of women who like my content and engage and having bot followers prevents them from seeing my content, and that is a no brainer for me to get rid of them! I would love to hear if you did this and how it has worked for you! Leave a comment with any questions or your results!

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Finally Reading Books, and Enjoying It

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The last time I can remember reading a book was back in my freshman year of high school, and that was because they made me. I never considered myself a reader, never showed any interest in it. Boy have times changed!

Now I wish I would have started reading sooner. I can’t imagine how much time and stress it would have saved me. Now that I have grown so much mentally , it is almost like an addiction to bettering myself. I currently am only reading self development books, I would like to start getting into biography type books in the near future.

So how did I get from not reading at all, to reading ten pages every day? Well it wasn’t a habit I created over night that’s for sure. I would try to read before bed, some days it would be easy, and some days mom life would take over and I would end up skipping it. Never stayed consistent but always made the effort. I started the 75 hard challenge, and one of the tasks is to read 10 pages a day. I started with the same habit of reading at night for the first couple of days and it became a chore. I was so tired that I would end up reading the same page multiple times just to comprehend it. I noticed that this wasn’t going to benefit me in any way. After a week of not enjoying it, I decided to switch reading to the morning after I drop my son off at school. This was a game changer! I grab my cup of coffee, sit at the window watching my birds bathe in the fountain and read. It is now my favorite part of the day, I am finding myself enjoying the book on a deeper level.

In on of the books I was reading it said, to make reading a habit place the book in the same spot you always like to read in, for me it was my couch in the living room by the window, I always leave my book in that spot. By doing that ,whenever I walk by that spot it triggers my mind to say “oh I have to read today, I forgot” until it becomes a daily habit. It really helped me having the book out in that spot, versus putting the book away where I couldn’t see it.

Reading is one of the best things you can do to better yourself, it does not cost a lot of money and there are so many ways to do it. If you drive a lot I would recommend audible, it has all books read for you so you can enjoy it on those long car rides. I always reach out to people and ask what they are currently reading, or if I see them post about a book on social media I will ask how they like it. I attached the books I have read and enjoyed below! If you have any that you recommend comment the titles below or email me, I would love to have more recommendations! If reading isn’t your thing, I would recommend listening to podcasts, this blog post goes into why and which ones are my favorite to listen to!

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