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What I learned about taking Pictures!

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We all love a good picture right? When you have an important event or milestone you always make sure to get a professional photographer booked. The color, the lighting, it just overall looks better than when a professional takes them. This was my dilemma when I was starting my blog. I knew pictures were going to be a huge factor in the look I wanted to create. I am such a visual person so I instantly chose a template that had a lot of images versus text.

After a couple hours of googling and watching youtube. I looked at light boxes, tripods, ring lights, you name it. With the cost adding up, my cheap ass decided to take what I learned from youtube and give it a shot! I stood in front of my window and started taking pictures with my iPhone.

The biggest tips I found were to

  1. Stand in natural light, find a window that has great sunlight coming through, or you can stand with your front door open, I am lucky and have a huge window in my dining room that has the brightest lighting, that is why you always see me in front of it when I am doing videos on my stories.

  2. Use more than one version of light, natural and artificial. Example being standing in front of your window or door and add in your ring light or box light for added dimension. I have a small ring light for close up video and a box light to brighten the room up a bit. Both are under $40 on amazon.

  3. Change your Iphone settings to shoot in 4k. This helps when shooting video, and what I make sure to use when I am shooting my Youtube videos.

  4. Don’t use the front facing camera, it doesn’t have as great of quality as the back, even thought it’s easier to use because you can stare at yourself.


To be honest if you have good natural lighting you are perfectly able to get started and at-least have something to get going. Sure it wasn’t perfect, but I am glad I started and grew from there. If that is what you have to start then it is more than enough. All that matters is that you start, don’t let being perfect hold you back, you will eventually get there.

Luckily for me I have an awesome friend that is great with a fancy camera. She doesn’t take pictures professionally but she offered to help me. We scheduled a day to shoot some content and learned as we went along. The first couple of shots were inside where the lighting was not that great, the pictures were a little dark, my husband legit grabbed a shop light from the garage and held it so we can take pictures. Since that set up wasn’t ideal it led to me buying a box light off of amazon to help, it was less than $40 so it was an easy purchase that helped a ton.

We started realizing the brighter the room the easier it was to take good pictures, if you can I would recommend taking them outdoors to get the best lighting. Plus it takes some of the pressure off of trying to look natural. Now we schedule a day once a month and take a ton of pictures, I plan out my ideas ahead of time so that when she comes I am ready to shoot.

I am so thankful for my friend that takes a full day to help me out, don’t worry, I feed her! If you put the word out there that you need help, people will show up for you. If you don’t have anyone just start taking them on your own. If you ever need help or some more tips I am happy to help you in anyway I can! You can check out my other blog post that talks about how to more comfortable in front of the camera Here!

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