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Using CBD for Anxiety

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About 2 years ago I went on a girls weekend trip to the river, and was having a blast. One night I wasn’t really drinking, maybe had a beer or two but felt off. We were all out at a bar and I just got this rush of heaviness in my chest. I started to feel really hot and shakey. I went out to get some fresh air but it was not going away. I decided to head back to the house to try and go to sleep. It was getting worse. My whole body started to tremble and I felt so nauseous, literally the worst feeling I have ever experienced. I ended up going home early because it was not getting any better and I was exhausted from going through it. That was my first experience with anxiety.


It started happening more often. It usually only comes on when I have trips planned or big events. Which sucks because I love to travel, now I am terrified that I will get another anxiety attack. It took me a while to figure out what the triggers were and it came down to my hypoglycemia, I am very religious about eating every three hours to keep my blood sugar levels right but when I travel I am out of my routine and do not pay as much attention to my eating, that leads to me getting severely sick with low blood sugar. The same feeling of having low blood sugar is the exact feeling I experience when I am having an anxiety attack so that’s when my trigger starts it. I have spent a lot of time working on my anxiety, watching videos, reading blogs about how other people get through it. Since it is very common with people I wanted to share a couple things that help me deal with it!

First is my mindset, I always remind myself that I am stressing about something that hasn’t even happened or most likely isn’t going to happen, like my blood sugar dropping, all I have to do is make sure I am staying on track with eating every couple hours and I will be perfectly fine. By identifying the trigger I am able to set my mindset up to combat the feelings with facts.

When I do get an anxiety attack it happens at night, yes the worst time ever. Right when I lay down to relax is usually when it decides to show up, I started taking CBD to help me relax and to stop the trembling, that is the hardest part to deal with when I am trying to go to sleep. I take one dropper under my tongue and it relaxes me enough to help me sleep. It does not make you feel high and it does not do anything to your mind, it only relaxes my body enough to help me fall asleep. Because I don’t take just any product I find on the internet I personally did a lot of research to find the best product for me, I love this company and completely recommend and respect their products.

Exercising and walking have helped a ton, especially when I am traveling. I wake up early and go for a walk in the mornings, it starts the day with some fresh air and it totally helps me breathe and get any stress out of my body. It also gets me out and about to discover what the places I am visiting have to offer.

Do you have any tips that have helped you with your anxiety? Do you have a similar feeling that I do? I would love to hear if you do, leave a comment or email!

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