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3 Video Editing Tips For Beginners

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I love being on video. It is so fun to watch and to film. A little back story as to why I think I am so comfortable around cameras and video is my previous job. I worked for my friends spray tanning company, I was the director of education so my main roll was to teach others how to spray tan with our equipment and products, and a lot of that was through video trainings. I even did a spray tan yourself video, I was in a bikini actually spray tanning myself in the middle of a studio just to show people how easy it is to spray tan yourself at home. Which I still do often! I love me a good spray tan.

We also had to work with influencers and you tubers regularly, they would film tutorial videos and how to videos, I would watch and learn what I could. I mean these were heavy hitters in the influencer space. I picked up a few tips throughout my tanning days that I use in my current videos. I thought I would share some of those tips with you in case you are starting to record some of your own!


Tip 1- Be confident in yourself, I know it’s awkward and you feel like people are staring or judging you, but what helps me is to be as confident as possible because chances are the people that are in that room with you are just as terrified of being on camera as you are so you have a slight upper hand when you own that shit and nail every shot with ease. I would rather be nervous on the inside and confident on the outside, and deliver an awesome performance.

Tip 2- You really do not need fancy equipment. A tripod is the one thing you do need just because you want your video to be as stable as possible, I have a strong one that adjusts to multiple heights which is awesome. An iPhone works great with some really good lighting. Natural light is ideal but having multiple lighting options is always preferred, even a light reflector is a huge benefit, you can use it to bounce light around and create dimension. I use 2 box lights when I don’t have a natural lighting option and they work just fine!

Tip 3- Use music! I am such a fan of music in a video. It creates the type of vibe and feel you want so much better than not having it. I use envato elements, it is a monthly or yearly subscription website where you can use non copywrited music, stock photos, and graphics. It’s a little pricey at $16.50 a month but I have used it a ton so I believe it is worth it! What I like most about that site is you can type in the type of mood you want to create and it will give you that type of music, so awesome right?

Tip 4- When it is a big deal, I would hire a professional. It makes a huge difference when you have someone shooting with professional equipment, plus they have a creative eye that helps when you are recording something bigger than just a personal video. I made the choice to hire someone for a video I did that was for a big project. I knew it had to be well done and high quality to get the point across. It also helps to work with a professional that has your personality type, they make it so much easier to film because you are way more comfortable and they can guide you or offer input.

Now I think you are ready to start filming! If you feel like you need more advice or someone to bounce ideas off of you know where to find me! I am always here to help in anyway I can!

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