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What the heck is an EMOM?

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Emom? I don’t get it. You’re a mom, so does it mean everyday mom? Exercising mom? Every bodies mom? Please explain!


Trust me these are the questions I asked when I first saw it. But I like to define it as “freaking lifesaver” myself. The real definition of EMOM (which stands for every minute on the minute) is a type of interval workout where you perform a specific task at the start of every minute for a set amount of time.

Example being:

Minute 0-1 bicep curls. I start at 0 and however long it takes me to complete the 12 reps is how much I’m working, then I rest the remainder of time. It normally is about 30 seconds of work then the remainder 30 seconds I’m resting.

Min 1-2 triceps extensions. I start at minute 1 and perform 12 reps, once I’m done, I use the remainder of the time to rest.

And so on for however long your ideal workout time is.

This type of workout is great for busy mom’s or anyone really, its efficient and high paced which makes the time fly. Plus, you feel more like an asshole skipping because it is only 24 minutes. Like really you don’t have 24 minutes? Come on stop lying and get to work!

You can do this type of workout at home or in a gym. All you need is a couple dumbbells and a booty band if you like. If you ever need help finding workouts you can sign up for the free Transphormation Challenge by 1st Phorm, it supplies you with a workout every day, you can take the workouts they provide and turn them into an EMOM style.

You can check out all of my workouts in my highlights on Instagram or search #heresmyhomegym for videos.

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