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What to Expect at a Cycle Bar Class

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Have you ever wanted to take a spin class but were embarrassed or unsure about doing it? Same here sister. Because I know how insecure someone can feel when joining a new class, I wanted to break that fear and encourage you to take that step and show up. Do it for you, for your future self,.What if this is that outlet, environment, that tribe you need to take yourself to the next level?

To say I was scared of taking a spin class is an understatement! I remember watching Instagram stories showing what the inside of the class looked like, I would see bikes lined up, and all I can think of is “ Who would want to sit up front where everyone can stare at you?” I mean sign me up for the way way back just in case I die, ya feel me? Then there are movies that make a spin class look so intense and everyone is super fit, no wonder I was scared. I may look like I am somewhat fit but girlfriend, I do not run or do any type of cardio. I like to think of myself as a cheetah, good for like 8 seconds top speed then I need a nap.

I showed up to my class and by far the customer service at Cycle Bar Temecula is the best. They pay so much attention to detail and make you feel right at home. I went to the storage boxes where my shoes were waiting for me, signed in and headed to the back where they had a locker with my name on it that said “Welcome Renee, get ready to rock your ride” Ok, how freaking cute are they? All the fear and insecurity was long gone, and replaced with a feeling of comfort and excitement. I hopped on my bike and an assistant came over to walk me through the entire set up. It was dark so I wasn’t as nervous. They keep the room almost like a club, it’s dark with just a red glow and some candle light. The music is amazing and the energy is unreal. You instantly get into work mode once you clip in, look at me sounding all cool, yea when you clip in it’s time to ride.

Then the magic happens, these ladies are performers. It’s almost sexy but bad ass at the same time. They speak in this sensual but intense voice that is mesmerizing. It was an absolute blast, it is much more than a workout, it is an experience. It is the best workout with great people, in an even better environment. I wanted to interview one of the instructors from that day who I am happy to now call my friend. Get ready because after this interview you are going to fall in love just like I did.

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