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Why we love having an only child

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As a mom, I get this question a lot. Sometimes I get a side eye and that is perfectly fine. Don’t get me wrong I love my son, but I’m just not about that multiple kid life. I get so overwhelmed with one, I can’t imagine having anymore. When do you get a break? I mean does that even happen when you have all those kids running around? I feel like our little unit is so perfectly balanced, I can’t see it any other way.


I guess I’ve never really been a “kid” person. I think babysitting my siblings all the time pretty much cured that early on. You know how there is those women that as soon as they see a baby, they instantly run over and must hold it? Yea, now picture the exact opposite of that, I run away with the hope my organs don’t catch the scent that leads to baby fever.

The thought of having another one crosses my mind every once in a while. People always tell me that if I have another one it will entertain him… my thought is, “ so I make another kid to entertain my already spoiled kid?” seems legit. My son is now 5, tell me how a newborn baby is going to entertain him? To be honest, whenever I see other mom’s with multiple kids all they are doing is fighting each other. Doesn’t look fun. Don’t even get me started on having to start over, I already gave away all my crap!

I do have that feeling of sadness that my son won’t have siblings, (mom calm down if your reading this, it’s still a no) especially because I think he would be the best big brother. I’m just waiting for that spark, flutter, tug on my heart that tells me I need another baby. I just haven’t felt it.

How did you know you were going to have multiple children? Was it always a plan? Does that feeling even exist? I love hearing people’s stories about how they made that decision, especially the oops type stories, those are always my favorite. I guess for now I’m going to just stick with that 80% no and keep an eye out for a sign that I’m wrong.

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