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Working with an Online Fitness Coach!

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Have you ever thought to yourself, how do online fitness coaches work with people they have never met? I always wondered how the heck they do it without ever meeting the person in real life. How can they see what to help with, how do they know where to start?


I met a fitness coach through instagram, which I know is very weird to say, although I knew she was a coach I created a friendship first. I got to know her over time, had conversations not just about fitness and nutrition, but life and everything in between, we always clicked. I think that is huge when it comes to working with someone online. Your personalities have to click way before you trust them with your fitness and nutrition. I would see her posts about food, macros and mindset on living a healthy lifestyle and it was very similar to mine. Which is another way to see if someone is right for you, if you don’t agree with the content or vibe they are putting out but have a nice body, probably isn’t going to be a good fit. After all, living a healthy lifestyle goes way beyond having a six pack.

I reached out to her because I was struggling with staying on track. I have a great accountability group on facebook that has the best group of women in it! But I am real, and sometimes life just gets busy and I could feel myself slacking more and more. I figured if I was working one on one with someone and had some skin in the game it would push me to work harder. I started working with her that week and let me tell you the questionnaire she sent over was very detailed. I now know how online fitness coaches can work with someone they have never met.

She first figures out the foods you like to eat whether they are more fat or carb foods, what type of food logging you will be comfortable using, weight, height and measurements, and she has you send over pictures. All of those tasks are all included in the very fist questionnaire. She goes into extreme detail to get the best idea of who she is working with. Every week she sends over an email with a new checklist that has your daily macros, foods you ate, weight, measurements and a feelings section where you can let her know how you are mentally and physically feeling every week.

I personally think this is an awesome piece of her service because it creates an open relationship between us where I feel comfortable telling her what i’m going through. There was one week in particular where I was just struggling, had zero appetite, was highly stressed and felt like I was failing. Not only did she call me immediately, but she talked me through the fact that some weeks aren’t going to be perfect and that she goes through them too, having that personal connection with her made me feel 1000 times better, like she is in with me versus me just being a client. I have been working with her for a month now and I highly recommend working with someone you trust and genuinely click with online, I have complete trust in her to help me with my nutrition and fitness goals and would recommend her to all of you! Her name is Sarah and you can find her info and website HERE! even if you aren’t ready to commit to working with someone she provides great content on Instagram and always helps everyone in my Facebook group, I am lucky to have found her!

I am curious to know if any of you have worked with a coach or if you are curious to how it all works, leave a comment with your thoughts!

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