My Girlfriend Renee



Resistance bands

Moveo Fit Co.

Premium, fun, functional fitness accessories. Moveo Fit Co. makes the highest quality booty bands, cooling towels, and Yoga mats. They are a great addition to your at home and gym workouts.


1st Phorm Supplements

1st Phorm is a premium supplement brand. You will not find any fillers, only true high quality ingredients in all of their products. They taste and work better than any other product I’ve used. They also come with a 110% money back guaranteed.


The Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen Cookbook

Clean eating comfort food. This book is filled with easy, simple recipes that taste great. Healthy cooking doesn’t have to be boring! This cookbook has over 100 recipes all with macros included. This book single-handedly taught me how to cook.


The Saints Plate and the Sinners Dinner Cookbook

On one side of this book, you'll find The Saint's Plate! Healthy and easy recipes to keep you on track. On the other side, you'll find The Sinner's Dinner! More of the hearty indulgent type of recipes. In both, you will find recipes that will please your palate all without breaking the bank or having to search high and low for exotic ingredients. Use Code “MYGIRLFRIENDRENEE” for free shipping!


Magazine Interview

I was interviewed by SD Voyager Magazine, they are a magazine that started in Los Angeles and has expanded to multiple cities, they highlight up and coming people from each city. I was interviewed by the SD Voyager that is based out of San Diego. They interviewed me under the Trailblazers: Rewriting the Narrative section. I am very excited to have this opportunity and even more excited to share it with you!


Elemental Bottles and Tumblers

I love the quality and design of these bottles and tumblers. I am always carrying around a water bottle, why not have a cute one that keeps your water ice cold? These are by far the best size and best quality that I have found! They also do custom logo bottles.